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Did you know...much of Glacier Bay National Park is WATER?

Glacier Bay National Park – a treasure of natural wonders and wildlife, 48 miles west of Juneau, Alaska. The Park area features ancient snow-capped mountains, towering glaciers and lush rainforest! Most of the land within the park is mountainous, covered with dense rain forest or alder thickets, and without roads or trails.

While a few active travelers hike, raft, or climb the mountains, the vast majority of visitors travel by salt water. Many also opt for an overnight experience at the popular Glacier Bay Lodge, located "inside" the Park's boundaries. Glacier Bay is a natural waterway from Alaska's Inside Passage to the tidewater glaciers, the park's main attraction; such as the spectacular Margerie and Grand Pacific, soaring 250 feet above the waterline!

Glacier Bay's Bear Track Inn Departure Days Starting At

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Visit Glacier Bay National Park – a treasure of natural wonders and wildlife! Learn More »

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