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Explore Nome's past and present

Located on the edge of the Bering Sea on the southwest side of the Seward Peninsula, Nome is a vital hub for Northwest Alaska.  Nome’s colorful Gold Rush history is set within the framework of 10,000 years of Inupiaq Eskimo history. A history of survival through a subsistence lifestyle, a tradition and way of life that today still underscores the vibrancy of the people that call this region home.


Take a step into the history, life and culture of a community living in the ultimate Alaskan frontier.  Experience a rare opportunity to witness daily life for the individuals that call the Far North home and the bonds they share with the surrounding culture, landscape and creatures that reside here.  In a small group setting with a local guide your experience is sure to be authentic Alaska.

With a population of just over 3500 residents in Nome, this city is the largest for hundreds of miles.  Nome supports a population of over 9400 residents calling the surrounding areas home.  Tour the community with your guide, interact and hear from the people that call this region home, listen to the stories of life they share. Begin your time in Nome with time downtown for lunch (not included) and a brief orientation of the day ahead.  Then it’s out into the community.  
Learn about the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve, an ancestral home to ice-age giants and turbulent volcanic activity. A land that holds secrets to the intriguing history of human migration, sustains people that have lived here before its establishment as a preserve and continues to be part of a wide breadth of traditions.
Your guide will share the local terrain, the flora and fauna of this environment, traveling out of town for a firsthand perspective. Walk out on the tundra.  Touch the permafrost.  Understand how this land shapes everyday life of the creatures, both human and otherwise that survive in this arctic environment.  
It wouldn’t be Nome without seeing the culture of Dog Mushing, both the day to day use of dog teams and the legendary sporting events that have evolved overtime.  Trying your hand at panning for gold, the mineral that put this town on the modern day map, is also a rite of passage for a visitor to this community.  And yes, you can keep the gold you find.  
Complete your day in Nome with time to independently explore downtown and enjoy dinner (not included).  Walk the neighboring shoreline while beachcombing for sea glass and other Bering Sea treasure, visit the historic Iditarod Arch on famous Front Street, or perhaps shop for locally crafted Native art.

This evening return to Anchorage via flight. 


Package departs from:
Note: Package can be offered to include round-trip airfare on Alaska Airlines from Anchorage (additional cost).

Validity dates:

Monday, Wednesday and Saturday's
May 15 through September 25, 2017

Starting at

2017 Pricing

From Nome
$269 per person 

From Anchorage (including round-trip airfare)
$599 per person

Package Includes

Rate Includes

• Local Guide
• Local Community & Nome City Tour
• Bering Land Bridge National Preserve Visitor Center
• Tundra and surrounding landscape visit
• Gold Panning Experience

Note: Rate does not include taxes and fees. Meals are not included.

Additional Customized Options
Round-trip airfare from Anchorage can be added to this tour. The rate outlined does not include taxes and fees. Airfare is 100% non-refundable after ticketing.

Additional Customized Options
Your Nome adventure does not have to be limited to one day. All Nome tours can be extended with an overnight accommodation and private rental vehicle for an additional day of self-guided sightseeing around Nome. See our Nome Overnight & Sightseeing package.