Half the fun is getting there.

In Alaska, we think the mode of transportation is as much an experience as the activities and destination itself. Transfers can be an excellent sightseeing opportunity with unparalelled landscapes and scenery no matter what route is selected.

Whether you want to grab the wheel, leave the driving to someone else, ride the rails or take flight -- the transportation options are so extensive that any visitor can find their perfect route meeting their personal style and budget.

Our expert advice is to mix it up a bit.

If you've selected a self-drive itinerary package, consider incorporating at least a day excursion on the Alaska Railroad. Or if interested in a train package, try swapping out a few segments for the Park Connection motorcoach service to avoid retracing your steps and also save a few dollars.

Mode, routes and schedules are almost limitless, so just ask if you need our expertise in piecing it all together according to your preferences.