30 Day Thanksgiving Challenge

This past year has been a busy one for us at Explore Tours. Behind the scenes, it seems like there hasn’t been a moment of rest while we’ve focused on reinventing ourselves including a new website, new enhanced tools for our travelers, and a new philosophy defining what it means to be Alaskana. All these changes have come about because we are growing. At each milestone, we think it’s important to reflect on what brought us here. In our reflection, we’re overwhelmed with gratitude for our community of professionals, Alaska-enthusiasts, and travelers that have helped us become the company we are today.

As it is the season to show our thanks, we’re jumping in on the 30-day Thanksgiving Challenge! We’ll be posting our notes of thanks to our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages throughout the month and also keep a running tab of each day’s note of gratitude here on this post.

Day 1: Thank you to our past explorers!

Day 1 of Thanksgiving Challenge: past explorers

Day 2: Thank you to our vendor partners!

Day 2 Thanksgiving challenge: Vendor partners

Day 3: Thank you to our friends at the Alaska Travel Industry Association (ATIA)

Day 3 thanksgiving challenge: ATIA Friends

Day 4: Thank you to our friends at the Visitors Bureaus throughout the state of Alaska

Day 4 Thanksgiving Challenge -Visitors bureaus

Day 5: Thank you to our Employees…you exemplify what it is to be Alaskana!

Day 5 Thanksgiving challenge: employees

Day 6: Thank you to our owners, your consistent support and guidance helps us be successful!

Day 6 thanksgiving challenge: owners

Day 7: Thank you to our reviewers! We are humbled by all your positive feedback and investment in our continued improvement.

Day 7: 30 Day Thanksgiving Challenge - our reviewers

Day 8: Thank you to our Travel Agency Partners!

Day 8: 30 day thanksgiving challenge

Day 9: Thank you Adventure Green Alaska!

Day 9: 30 day thanksgiving challenge

Day 10: Our exclusive partners, Nome Discover Tours

Day 10 - 30 day thanksgiving challenge

Day 11: The beauty offered on the coldest of days

day 11 - 30 day thanksgiving challenge

Day 12: The bounty of the hunt & harvest

day 12: 30 day thanksgiving challenge

Day 13: The preservation organizations

day 13 - 30 day thanksgiving challenge

Day 14: The unending views and reminders to stop and smell the flowers

Day 14 30 thankful days

Day 15: Our future guests

day 15 - 30 thankful days

Day 16: Alaska historical and cultural organizations

day 16 - 30 thankful days

Day 17: The Alaska storytellers

day 17 - 30 thankful days

Day 18: Alaska growers

day 18: 30 thankful days

Day 19: Emergency responders & good samaritans

Day 20: The Alaska Dreamers

Day 21: The Sleeping Lady – Mt. Susitna

Day 22: Our local communities

Day 23: Our friends and family

30 Day thanksgiving challenge day 23

Day 24: The local wildlife

30 day thanksgiving - day 24

Day 25: The folks training the next generation of Alaska tourism professionals

30 day thanksgiving - day 25

Day 26: Alaska Airlines

30 day thanksgiving - day 26

Day 27: The original Alaska explorers

30 day thanksgiving day 27

Day 28: Alaska producers

30 day thanksgiving day 28

Day 29: The unique Alaska seasons

30 day thanksgiving day 29

Day 30: Our social followers

30 day thanksgiving day 30