8 Amazing 2018 Alaska Adventures

We love hearing from guests about their Alaska adventures, the wildlife they saw, the magical moment when Denali appeared through cloud breaks...and countless more awe-inspiring and even transformative adventures that are unique to this amazing land we call home. Something we started to notice, however, was an appreciation for poor cellphone coverage, spotty internet, or simply immersive adventures that made it easy to forget the phone in their pockets. So we did some digging.

Did you know that in 2018, it's estimated that 95% of Americans will own a cellphone of some kind, and 77% will own a smartphone (source: Pew Research Center). That's just one device too...many Americans are connected throughout the day to multiple devices including their desktop or laptop computers, tablets and e-readers, and their television screens. On top of that, according to a Harris Poll conducted in 2016, 86% of Americans say they have difficulty unplugging from at least one of their devices and 6 in 10 adults wish their family members would unplug more. In fact, it's such a need, that there is actually a National Day of Unplugging! This year it is from sundown on March 9 to sundown on March 10 (in case you wanted to celebrate). 

We are increasingly a highly-connected society, clearly feeling disconnected from the things that really make life an adventure. As we built our list of must-do adventures in 2018, this was our inspiration. We gathered 8 awesome Alaska adventures that at their core offer a deeper, richer, rooting connective experience. Alaska being a place with pioneering, nature and wildlife in its make-up, it was difficult to narrow this list to just 8...but we persevered! Whether you're looking for a back-to-your-roots historical experience, a cultural connection, an exploration in a pristine landscape, or an adventure without cell coverage...we've got you covered. And if you need to unplug in 2018, but don't see the right fit on our adventure list, there's lots more where that came from...explore our site or give us a call!