Roberta Warner

President & Chief Explorer

Roberta is Explore Tours’ President, otherwise known as our Chief Explorer. Born and raised in Alaska with an “enjoy the adventure” approach to exploring Alaska. She believes the best memories of every adventure occur when you embrace “the unexpected moments that could have been disaster but end up illuminating new paths.” Roberta sets the strategic direction as Explore Tours has experienced change in ownership, restructuring and ultimately growth under her leadership. She touts of her team; “everyone here has a true passion for exploring Alaska and providing the best experience possible to our guests. From the crafting of an itinerary to the creation of travel documents and 24/7 support provided to guests traveling across the state, each member of our team truly cares about the experience of our guests. We work hard and play hard as a team, or rather a mini-family and there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.”

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Roberta w/waterfall
Roberta at Anvil Mountain
Couple with glacier
Lady cross country skiing
Lady hiking at Caribou Lodge
Lady biking with beer
Lady kayaking into fog
Lady with golden retriever and Pioneer Peak
Favorite Alaska Adventure of All Time

Camping outside of Talkeetna, on Montana Creek. We spent the afternoon fishing and walking the creek, enjoying the fall colors and crisp air. That night we went to bed in our tent, where I left my hiking shoes in the covered entry area. When I awoke in the morning it became obvious that a fox had stolen my shoes! You could even see the little paw marks where it so cautiously pulled the shoes out. The only footwear I had for the remainder of the camping trip were my waiters. It was fall so the waiters would freeze each night and be frozen stiff in the morning for me to put on. It was truly memorable but we had a blast none the less!

Don't Leave Adventuring Without It

Beer! Okay, maybe a bit unorthodox of an answer but there’s nothing like taking a moment to enjoy your surroundings while you sit-down with a locally brewed beer. It makes you stop and take in the view longer than you might otherwise.

Most Recent Alaska Adventure

I spent the day out at Caribou Lodge during peak summer (July), located in the Talkeetna Mountains. The lodge is only accessible via float plane in the summer so I flew from Fish Lake just outside of Talkeenta. The views of the Alaska Range and rolling landscape of the Talkeetna Mountains was breath-taking. To land on the lake and taxi up to the lodge was a very exciting moment; but to see the plane take off and leave you there added a different element of adventure. A hike around the lake and through the tundra like landscape allowed for great birding. Though my highlight was probably kayaking across the small lake, being followed by the resident loon. It was as if the loon was playing with me, diving under my kayak and popping up on the other side.

Current Aspirational Alaska Adventure Trip

Next on my list is polar bear viewing in Kaktovik. I remember being regularly asked by visitors or friends from ‘outside’ if, “have you seen polar bears?” To this day I still must say, “not in the wild.” I’m afraid that our days to view these beautiful and powerful creatures in their natural habitat are numbered and that perhaps our best chance of making a difference is by experiencing and understanding the role these creatures play in our “backyard.” And, seriously… Polar Bears!

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